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The Secret of Nimrud
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I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my  windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my  house as freely as possible.    
                                  Mahatma Gandhi, Young India (1921)
The treasure of Nimrud survived 2,800 years buried near a dusty town in northern Iraq. It then spent 12 years tucked away in a vault in the dark, damp basement of a bombed out in the Iraq central bank.
Erbil Citadel Iraq Restoration and Rehabilitation of Shihab Chalabi house Presentation Transcript.
After the early phases of the establishment of the modern Iraqi State, the Iraq Museum was founded and housed in a small room in the Al-Serai building (the old Ottoman-period barracks), which lies on the eastern side of Tigris.
• Anthropology & Living Cultures,The exploration, recording,and interpretation of both ancient and contemporary cultures and their  languages, traditions, and  histories.
• Built Heritage, Urban Planning &  Cartography, The maintenance,  conservation of, and recording of cities and  'cultural spaces', both ancient and  modern.
• Cultural  Heritage & Law, The promotion and execution of strategies,  legislation,  treaties, and agreements for the preservation of both intangible  and  tangible heritage.
My Antiquities,  is a non-profit  organization dedicated to the study and preservation of cultural heritage,  both tangible and intangible, irrespective of faith, origin, or gender. We  actively participate in, disseminate information  about, and/or encourage  work in the following areas:
A rare copy of he Magazine of The National Geographic
1914 Dec. >>>
Sumer magazine is one of the most important archaeological Mesopotamian sources,  that the articles published are written by   pens of  excavation missions members  so it can be relied upon to get the information. >>>
Gemstones in Civilization of Mesopotamia
The book is a thesis of the same title by the author A Introduction by composed to the faculty of arts University of Baghdad.
UNESCO World Heritage Centre Information
The Atlas by Collins app can be downloaded for free on Tuesday, October 29th. The app comes with one globe pre-installed and     includes 10 other globes. >>>
UNITAR Series: Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites | 2016 Workshop | World Heritage Nominations: Justification Requirements | 18 - 22 April 2016 |. >>>
Mohammed Makiya: A Century of Architecture and Life
​recent book (2014) 'entitled: (Mohammed Makiya: A Century of Architecture and Life), written by Dr. Khalid Al Sultany printed in the Press writer, Amman / Jordan, to be a gesture of respect and appreciation of Centennial of the architect , and for his rich achievements in Local and regional architecture. >>>
My trip with the Iraqi Antiquities
(Memoirs of Iraqi Archaeologist (Behnam Abu Al Soof) was issued by Dar Al Mada in Baghdad on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of Dr. Behnam Abu Al Soof a book about his emoirs hold a title (My trip with the Iraqi Antiquities ). >>>
HIA workshop AAHM May 2014
​Please see below information on the Heritage Impact Assessment workshop held by AAHM and ACP. You can also find the information on the AAHM homepage following link  below:.
AAHM Membership .

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ICCROM-Sharjah's new publication series (1,2,3) are now downloadable for professionals working in the cultural heritage field
New Publication Series for the Arab Region
DECEMBER 8, 2017

ICCROM and its ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre are launching a new books series on cultural heritage conservation in the Arab Region.
Selected Readings from ICCROM-ATHAR will provide a wide range of literature for both professional and academic audiences, aimed at promoting dialogue and debate, and bridging existing gaps in available knowledge resources.
The first three books of the series are now available online for free download
GCI Bulletin August 2018
Archaeology and Conservation Education Roundtable
Meeting Report
Alice Boccia Paterakis and Thomas Roby
In February 2017, the GCI convened a roundtable of educators from universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, where both conservation and archaeology are taught at the graduate level, along with representatives of US professional organizations in both fields. The objective of the roundtable was to identify how to better integrate the activities of the two fields and thereby improve professional practice through curriculum reform and training, as well as put forward recommendations to achieve these goals.