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Has first excavations at the site in the year 1846 the diplomatic management of the British Archaeological "Sir Austen Henry Layard", have revealed the remains of a large palace, and fortifications, as well as a large group of sculptures of stone alabaster, craft items ivory and obelisks and huge statues.  In the 1955 year.  Excavations revealed in Nebo Temple which was led by British archaeologist "Sir Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan" for No. cuneiform the texts contain covenants loyalty provided by the Assyrian rulers personnel in the state of Assyrian kings
Nimrud is an ancient Assyrian city located south of Nineveh on the river Tigris in modern Ninawa Governorate Iraq. In ancient times the city was called Kalḫu. The Arabs called the city Nimrud after the Biblical Nimrod, a legendary hunting hero (cf. Genesis 10:11-12, Micah 5:6, and 1Chronicles 1:10).The city covered an area of around 16 square miles (41 km2). Ruins of the city are found in modern day Iraq, some 30 kilometres (19 mi) southeast of Mosul. The ruins are located in the District of Al Hamdaniya, within 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) of the village of Noomanea. Nimrud has been suggested as the site of the biblical city of Calah or Kalakh.The treasure of Nimrud survived 2,800 years buried near a dusty town in northern Iraq. It then spent 12 years they were stashed for safety—in a vault below the Central Bank in Baghdad—before the onset of the Gulf War in 1990.
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Gemstones in Civilization of Mesopotamia
The book is a thesis of the same title by the author A Introduction by composed to the faculty of arts University of Baghdad.
UNESCO World Heritage Centre Information
The Atlas by Collins app can be downloaded for free on Tuesday, October 29th. The app comes with one globe pre-installed and     includes 10 other globes. >>>
UNITAR Series: Management and Conservation of World Heritage Sites | 2016 Workshop | World Heritage Nominations: Justification Requirements | 18 - 22 April 2016 |. >>>
Mohammed Makiya: A Century of Architecture and Life
​recent book (2014) 'entitled: (Mohammed Makiya: A Century of Architecture and Life), written by Dr. Khalid Al Sultany printed in the Press writer, Amman / Jordan, to be a gesture of respect and appreciation of Centennial of the architect , and for his rich achievements in Local and regional architecture. >>>
My trip with the Iraqi Antiquities
(Memoirs of Iraqi Archaeologist (Behnam Abu Al Soof) was issued by Dar Al Mada in Baghdad on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of Dr. Behnam Abu Al Soof a book about his emoirs hold a title (My trip with the Iraqi Antiquities ). >>>
HIA workshop AAHM May 2014
​Please see below information on the Heritage Impact Assessment workshop held by AAHM and ACP. You can also find the information on the AAHM homepage following link  below:.
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